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China TOEFL iBT Online Registration Website to Undergo System Upgrade


  ETS TOEFL system will be temporarily closed for major system upgrade, accordingly, China TOEFL iBT Online Registration websites at toefl.neea.cn and toefl.neea.edu.cn will also be shut down for upgrade. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause you. Details are as follows:

       ● 2019年4月22日上午9時至2019年4月24日上午9時,中國托福網考報名網站關閉,僅顯示網站維護信息。

  9:00am April 22, 2019- 9:00am April 24, 2019, China TOEFL iBT Online Registration website will be closed with only maintenance message display.

       ● 2019年4月24日上午9時至2019年4月26日上午9時,中國托福網考報名網站恢復,但因美國ETS系統的通信仍未開通,所以各種考試相關服務(包括賬戶注冊,新考試報名注冊、已報名考試的取消、轉考、增送成績、成績瀏覽)可以進行本地有效操作,但需等待ETS系統通信恢復后返回的確認信息。

  9:00am April 24, 2019- 9:00am April 26, 2019,China TOEFL iBT Online Registration website will be re-opened with full local services, including new profile registration, new test registration, cancellation, reschedule, additional score request, and test score view services for registered tests. However, final ETS system confirmation will be delayed until ETS system resumes communication.    

      ● 自2019年4月26日上午9時起,美國ETS托福系統與中國托福網考報名網站完全恢復正常,之前各種考試相關服務狀態的確認和更新也將自動完成。

  Starting 9:00am April 26, 2019, both ETS system and China TOEFL iBT Online Registration system will resume normal operation. All previously delayed ETS confirmation will be automatically updated. 

       ● 注意事項:自2019年4月24日中國托福網考網站重新開通起,所有已注冊考生的ETS ID將會被ETS改變,此屬正常。但所有考生的NEEA ID、個人信息和歷史考試成績等將不變。

  Reminder: starting April 24, 2019 with the resumption of the China TOEFL iBT Online Registration website, the ETS IDs of all registered test takers will be changed by ETS, and this is deemed to be non-abnormal. NEEA IDs, personal information, and history test scores of all test takers remain unchanged.


  Efforts have been made at ETS to have TOEFL scores of April 13 and 14 released earlier than scheduled time. Scores will be available for test takers to view starting 0:00 April 21.






  April 19, 2019